Early Notes

My menu systems will be simple, but looking at the systems for VR games like tilt-brush, they don’t need to be as simple as i was thinking, i should not be afraid of using things like check-boxes, drop down menu’s or buttons of a standard size.

This game Leap Motion 3D JAM uses sliders and toggle-able buttons which means that these type of UI elements should be fine to implement into my own game after testing if needs be.


i will keep my work tidy so i can come back to it at anytime to work on it, without stressing about folder structures or untidy code, I will keep my folder structures tide much like for my character animation in my MINI PROJECT FOR TESTING MECHANICS: BEANER. I will keep my code tidy much like my chess game MINI PROJECT FOR TESTING MECHANICS: CHESS i worked on to keep my project usable for further development

Here are some things i listed off that i need in my user interface, i also drew 4 designs in the layouts they could have:

2018.jpgMy UI will be simple much like in my MINI PROJECT FOR TESTING MECHANICS: COIN MACHINE to make them more readable


Here is a mini-map i created, but through testing i realised it does not suit the project as you just see the roof of the college which is just a base colour:


Here is a drop down menu which lists all the places in the college, not all the places have been added yet:PlacesToGo

Here are some check-boxes to show things like fire extinguishers and other utilities, these was overlooked in the original designs, but through testing i realised theses need a category of their own as they are so many.


i have also tested these menu’s in VR which allowed me to decide on changes through the development process, with minor changes to where things are placed, the menu’s seemed fluent to use.

What i learnt

The UI in virtual reality needs to be simplistic, especially if it attached to your hand, this is because it is in the way of where you are looking.

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